Teen Track

Rod Handley- Accountability for Teens

In this interactive session Rod Handley (author of “Character That Counts: Who’s Counting Yours?” “and 20 other books) and a mystery guest will help you understand why it is so important to push beyond surface conversations with your friends. True friends discuss real issues, including sexual purity, and hold one another accountable to Biblical truths. You will walk away from this session with a greater understanding of our need to be relationally connected and motivated to pursue accountability when you return home.


Troy Hinkel – The Call of Adam: Courage and Masculine Failure

This session emphasizes the nature of masculinity as revealed by the woman.  Manhood is something to be achieved.  It demands sacrifice for the good of the other.  The threat to Eve reveals this sacrifice to Adam.  Protecting her against this threat is his vocation.  Adam fails because he ceases caring for Eve and instead cares more about himself.  Relational selfishness ruins manhood and creates sexual cowards.

Fr. Sean McCaffrey – Soldiers of God’s Mercy

Our culture can be challenging to a young man who truly follows Jesus Christ with a pure heart, mind, and soul.  When we sin the temptation is to quit the fight rather than to humbly ask for God’s mercy, and avail ourselves of the sources of heavenly grace.  God calls us to be men of integrity who seek to honor women through our thoughts, words, and actions.  In this breakout session we will unpack some of the powerful tools the Catholic Church gives us so we do not have to be slaves to our passions, especially lust.

Jon Schaffhausen – Your Brain on Porn

Did you know that looking at porn releases the same chemicals into your brain as heroin and cocaine?  Did you know that porn addicts trying to break free go through similar withdrawal symptoms as heavy drug users?  Porn messes not only with your soul but your brain!  The more you know about porn and its effects the more you can overcome its grip.  Know the enemy.  Break free from porn.  Fight the new drug.

Adult Track

Dr. Todd Bowman – Anatomy of a Trigger: The brain’s role in relapse and recovery

This session briefly explores the neurobiological underpinnings of addictions in general, with specific emphasis on process addictions and compulsive behavior. The impact of sexually addictive behaviors on neurological functioning will be examined by defining the salient structures and related operations most readily identified in the scientific literature. Therapeutic interventions, attachment dynamics, and exercises designed to strengthen the brain regions experiencing the greatest degree of impact will be presented.

Pastor Darrell Brazell- Protection and Prevention in a Pornographic World

For pastors, elders, counselors, parents, and anyone who has a heart to help others in the battle for sexual integrity.   Darrell Brazell author of New Hope For Sexual Integrity, Pastor of New Hope Fellowship, and director of New Hope Recovery Ministries will share his 12+ years of experience in walking beside individuals and couples as they break the chains of pornography, masturbation, affairs and other sexual issues.  Learn what you can do to help individuals find freedom as well as help their spouses find healing for the incredible damage done by pornography and sexual addiction.

Bob Clifton- Your Eve is Better Than a Porn Star

Every woman longs to be swept into a romantic story where she is part of a great adventure with her Adam. When pornography creeps into the relationship we trade Eve out for a fantasy life of dots on a page or pixels on a screen that offers nothing real.  That trade often kills the heart of woman!  So…how do we win back the heart of Eve after we have damaged her?  Take a closer look at the heart and desire of women.  Learn what it will take to capture her heart all over again.

Phillip Cosby- Confronting The Sexualized Culture

In today’s highly wired and sexualized culture the availability, affordability, and anonymity of highly sexualized images have taken their toll. What is the Biblical perspective, why is it important, what is our response to protect our children and families, what are the local and global implications? We will look at the reality in which we live and discuss practical strategies to stop the premature loss of innocence, to stem the rising tide of predatory pornography, to understand fantasy driven criminal behavior and the growing modern day scourge of the slave trade/sex trafficking.

Dino Durando- Building the Virtues Through Prayer in the Home

Chastity is not a stand alone virtue.  The disciple who struggles with chastity can find help with growth in all of the virtues.  We will look at God’s revelation to discover the connection between prayer and virtuous living.  We will also explore examples of ways that our individual and family prayer life can be more directly connected to growth in the life of virtue and learn how to create (and evaluate) a personal and family prayer plan.

Dr. Dan Erickson- Protecting Your Marriage: True Intimacy

As a married man the key to becoming an overcomer in an impure world is your marriage. True intimacy is not so much about sex as it is about relationship both with God and with your wife. If you have true intimacy with your wife you will have all the sex you will ever need.

Dr. Todd Frye- Is Tonight the Night?

One of the most confusing parts of marriage is trying to understand the psychological and biological influences of a woman’s desire for sex.  Often men are left completely confused about how to be in tune with this part of their wife.  This session will uncover what men need to know about the natural sexual rhythms of women and what it can teach them about healthy expectations in marriage.

Dean GreerUnderstanding Homosexuality

Homosexuality is impacting our communities whether we like it or not. As Christians, how are we to respond?  This session will provide an understanding of the roots of same-sex attraction and how best to respond with grace and truth within the local church body. Topics such as: how to walk with those in pursuit of freedom; cultural influences toward decision-making; the biblical witness, and wise pastoral and community support will be explored. Open to anyone, whether personally dealing with same-sex attraction or loving someone who is.

Scott Greger- The Battle to be a REAL Man

How many of us know what a real man is? Christ was a real man but who can live up to that standard? Pornography is just a symptom of an underlying fact that we, as men, have bought into the lie of how the culture defines a real man.  Married or single, a real man defends the honor, dignity, purity, and chastity of ALL the women in his life.  From Genesis to Revelation, the two bookends of the Bible tell us how to fight, and win the battle.  Come and find out how.

Rod Handley- Accountability: The Missing Link

Dr. Howard Hendricks once stated, “Those who are serious about living a pure and effective life before the Lord will find more strength when accompanied by true brothers.” Accountable relationships help men experience freedom in all phases of their life, but successful accountability groups take more than just showing up. You’ll walk away from this session with a greater understanding of our need to be relationally connected and motivated to pursue accountability when you return home. In addition, you’ll get answers on how to structure your accountability time and involve your spouse and family in the process.

Sam Meier- The New Sacred Sexuality Initiative

The Archdiocese of KCK is updating and renaming an exciting initiative with an emphasis on the beauty of human sexuality!  The Sacred Sexuality Initiative is designed to help Catholics develop a deeper understanding of the beauty and sacredness of God’s gift of human sexuality, protect their families, and experience freedom from the corrosive effects of pornography.  Compelling print resources and an inviting website are being completed for promotion in parishes during the spring of 2013!  A new video and Archdiocesan-wide parish campaign are being developed for Lent of 2014! Come find out more about this positive and inspiring initiative!

Eric SpadyThe Effects & Healing of Childhood Sexual Trauma

The struggle for purity is often not just a change of behavior, but a change at the heart level too.  Have you ever wondered what might be behind the compulsions you struggle with?  This breakout session will explore the connections between past trauma (sexual, physical, and/or verbal abuse) and the compulsions that it can produce in our lives.  Often our ‘acting out’ is really a compulsion to re-enact earlier trauma we are unaware of, or have not fully dealt with. So where do these things come from, and how do we do to keep it from reoccurring?  Come and find out!

Dan Spencer- Catholic Accountability: A Key to Mature Faith

Catholic spiritual maturity requires accountability.  In this Year of Faith our session will provide an overview of the biblical and sacramental principles and activities necessary for embracing this ancient component of spiritual growth.  The purpose of all accountability processes is to allow for an honest, candid reflection of how closely our intentions match our actions. How aligned our “outcomes” are to our commitments.


*** Also presenting ***

Sam Black – covenanteyes.com – The Porn Neurocircuit

Understand the neurology of how porn impacts the brain and behavior.  Get free educational materials that can help your small group or church.  Covenant Eyes’ Sam Black, a former journalist, breaks down scientific explanations into language anyone can understand. Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability also makes it easy to receive and share educational resources to help families in your community and church.


Ken Canfield – worldimpact.org – Spiritual and Emotional Fathering

Research consistently supports the premise that healthy fathering improves the outcomes of children and families, however little has been done to flesh out the dimensions of spiritual and emotional fathering. This session will exploit new research and insights which highlight the strategic nature of spiritual and emotional fathering.  Specifically the facets of: joy, closeness, commitment and protection will be discussed as sub-sets to healthy fathering.  Participants will learn practical ways to apply the characteristics of spiritual and emotional fatherhood to their lives and ministry, and engage other fathers in the development of these attributes.


Michael Daniels – Special Agent FBI – The Reality in Which We Live

This world has a lot of great things to offer and advances in technology have greatly improved the overall quality of life.  People, services, and products from around the world are just a mouse click away.  However, the global world in which we now dwell carries with it inherent dangers. Child sexual exploitation in various forms, cyberbullying, and human trafficking are just a few of the areas of grave concern. The realities of these dangers are witnessed by law enforcement every day. Understand the threat through the eyes of an FBI agent.