We are blessed to have a powerful lineup of breakout sessions:


A Neuro-Theology of Sex, Addiction & Attachment – Darrell Brazell God designed our brains for attachment and He designed the sexual union between husband and wife to be a powerful part of the attachment process. However, when individuals use pornography, masturbation, sexual fantasy and/or sexual encounters outside of a long-term committed relationship, they experience significant negative effects on their brains that are remarkably similar to the effects caused by alcohol, heroine and other drugs. Recent brain scan imagery illustrates this powerfully. Come hear and see how God’s design for our sexuality provides the safest place for our brains and our hearts to develop, grow and function.  We will also learn how understanding more about the brain can help individuals and couples heal and reverse the damage they have done.

Defeating the Enemy – Phil Hopper Everything God wants to give you, Satan seeks to steal. Why live in captivity when Jesus came to give you an abundant life. As a former SWAT cop, Pastor Phil Hopper offers a unique perspective on how to overcome the enemy of your soul pertaining to sexual purity issues. By knowing your enemy’s strategy, you will be equipped to live victoriously and not fall into Satan’s captivity. Come and learn how to live a life of freedom as we uncover the tactics, deceptions and strategies of the enemy.

Every Parent’s Battle – Dan Spencer

Every Parent’s Battle: A Family Guide to Resisting Pornography not only exposes the frightening prevalence of pornography in our sex-obsessed culture, it equips parents with concrete and tested strategies to educate their kid’s about intimacy, dignity and sexuality as God intended it to be.

This is a book designed for PREVENTION rather than RECOVERY.  Age specific guidance for every age.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures Amanda Khemraj & Sam Meier – How do we effectively protect young children and their friends from pornography in a digital world?  Good Pictures Bad Pictures is a short and effective book (over 400 5-Star reviews on Amazon), which helps parents protect their children online.  Multiple large churches and schools in the Kansas City area have recently given these to all parents of 2nd grade children.  It is a comfortable, read-aloud story of a mom and dad who teach their child what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to reject it.  Using easy to understand science, this book empowers kids to avoid pornography.  Come hear stories of how this reseource can effectively protect families, schools, and churches along with other practical tips for protecting children in a digital world. 

Millennial Purity Panel – Kanakuk Institute Students – What does it mean to live a life of purity in today’s culture? Is it even possible? Music, movies, social media, norms, and peer pressures have made purity look unrealistic and undesirable. Join a panel of four broken twenty-somethings that have decided that pursuing a life sold out to Christ is possible and most definitely worth it. Their stories are completely different, each carrying their own scars and experiences, but God has worked mightily through their weaknesses. As millennials, they desire to share their struggles and commitments to holiness and purity with those who want to be encouraged. Come see vulnerability and realness in a generation where those two things are absent.

Overturning the Money Changers Tables – Phillip Cosby – Executive Director, American Family Association of Kansas and Missouri – For 15 years Phillip (Retired Army Infantry) has effectively raised the level of awareness on the toxic effects of the pornification of the culture.  He has employed activism, legal, legislative and educational strategies in Kansas and Missouri to change indifference into resolve, action and measurable results.  Aggressively confronting denial, desensitization and despair.  This is the issue of our day!  Myriads of sexual assaults are a manifestation of the problem.  To most it has become self evident with moral failures in pulpits, failed marriages, timid and indifferent congregations, failed scouting leadership, military social experimentation and resulting scandals, unsafe schools, hedonistic universities, self gratifying Hollywood moguls, compromised legislators, gender confusion, intrusive and obscene cyber space content and the list goes on.  This is not harmless fun. Christian,…the scripture is not silent, this is where the battle rages.

The Role of Social Media in Sexual Exploitation – Russ Tuttle – Discovering the role social media plays in sexual exploitation should be of particular concern for parents. Our pornified culture has created an environment where hyper sexualized images and content are the norm on social media. This breakout will name specific apps to avoid. We will provide insight into how students eagerly share     their desires and dissatisfaction’s via apps where predators lurk. Sexting, sextortion, cyberbullying, suicide, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and peer pressure via social media increase depression in many children. In the worst case scenarios, social media is being used to groom, recruit, sell, manage, manipulate, force, coerce, and control students in Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST). Be aware. Dare to care. Be educated and empowered to make a difference.

Sizzling Sex – Amy & Cory Stout – Marital sex should be satisfying and exciting. Experiencing passionate sex throughout your entire marriage is possible!  Consider this seminar a critical and enjoyable investment in your sex life, which will have a positive impact on your entire relationship.  This session will address topics such as:

  • Finding your ‘want to’
  • Adapting your sex life to the ever changing rhythms and demands of your personal and family life
  • Taking back your bedroom
  • How to keep passion and creativity alive
  • This seminar will be geared towards couples who desire to invest in their sexual relationship.

We pray that those with great sex lives will be inspired and those with struggling sex lives will be encouraged.

Generational Prodigals – Denise Gartner & Kelsie Gartner – Each one of us in some way or another identifies with the story of The Prodigal Son. Join in hearing how two women – mother and daughter – have experienced the soul saving mercy of God. One of healing of a broken marriage and one of healing of same-sex attraction. Two different paths leading to the same destination- chastity.

10:00 AM Women Only Session options:

Living Abundantly – Amy Stout – Our birthright as God’s beloved girls is one of fullness, abundance, joy and gratitude… smack dab in the midst of the messy places of our lives.  We’ll see how God encountered women like Hagar and Leah, in the midst of their bitter places, and brought them to places of sweetness in their souls.

The Role of Hope in Recovery – Kiersten Adkins, M.A., LPC – Hope is more than desire and good intentions. When we understand the psychology of hope and it’s relationship to determination and resilience we’re in a good position to create an environment that allows everyone to connect, grow and flourish.